Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker Review

zojirushi-ns-zcc18-10-cup-neuro-fuzzy-rice-cooker-reviewA lot of individuals detest the task of cooking rice because it is difficult to get the perfect consistency or texture. The rice usually turns out chewy or hard in the middle or they get too soggy even after cooking it for the allotted time. To make things easier, one can turn to a micro-computerized rice cooker like the Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 to get perfect results every time. The 10-cup model of this Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker is the ideal choice for larger families whereas the 5.5 cup model is better suited for small to medium sized families.

The Zojirushi Corporation is a Japanese MNC that specializes in offering appliances and devices for day-to-day functions. Apart from rice cookers, the multinational manufacturer offers other home appliances such as water boilers, breadmakers, coffee makers, thermal carafes and beverage dispensers. The company also specializes in vacuum bottles, mugs and food jars.

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Key Specifications

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  • Cutting edge Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • 10 cup computerized rice cooker
  • Steaming basket and cake menu setting provided
  • Easy-to-remove washable inner lid
  • Color LCD panel with large sized font for easy readability
  • Programmable delay timer
  • Beep Audio indicator and programmable melody which goes off when the rice is ready
  • Menu has multiple cooking functions

Cooking Capacity (in cups)

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The NS-ZCC18 Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker has the capacity for 10 cups of uncooked rice, which is equivalent to 20 cups of cooked rice. Bear in mind that the cup here refers to the measuring cup provided with the cooker and it is necessary to use this cup for measurements instead of any other cup.

Pre-programmed Cooking Functions

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The main cooking functions of the appliance includes: white rice (regular, sushi, softer and harder options), mixed, porridge, brown, semi-brown, sweet, rinse-free and quick cooking. All these options are easily located in the control panel and can be selected as per one’s requirement and preferences. There are also additional options in the menu such as automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and cooking reheat cycles.

Cooking Technology

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The NS-ZCC18 rice cooker is aided by the Fuzzy Logic or MICOM or Micro-Computer technology via the microchip. Basically the microchip does all the thinking on behalf of the user, it adjusts the cooking times and temperatures as per the kind of rice in question, fixes the ‘wait’ period in case of the steaming function and also times the pre-soaking of the raw grains. Thanks to the MICOM technology, the cooker is capable of carrying out multiple cooking functions effortlessly and effectively.

The unit also offers two different warm settings to ensure that the cooked rice is always served at the right temperature. The first setting is ‘Automatic Keep Warm Setting’. This setting is automatically switched on straight after the cooking process. The second setting is called ‘Extended Keep Warm Setting’. This is an additional setting that can be used after the first warm cycle is completed so that the rice stays warm till the time of serving.

The inner pan with Teflon coating is spherical in shape, thereby facilitating even heating. Thus, this spherical heating technology also helps in reducing the chances of overcooked or burnt rice on the pan and makes it easy to clean up. Needless to mention, the Teflon coating of the pan helps to prevent the rice from sticking to it.

Types of Rice Compatible with the Cooker

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Versatile is an understatement for the NS-ZCC18 rice cooker because it does not just cook different variants of rice like brown, white, basmati and sushi but it also cooks oats, grits, risottos, porridge and quinoa to perfect consistency, every single grain of it. As a rice cooker, this one leaves no room for complaints.

Item Dimensions

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9.5 x 14.5 x 11.5 inches
Weight : 15 pounds

Material Type

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Plastic body with metal inner cooking pan having non-stick Teflon coating.

No. of people you can feed using this cooker

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The 10 cup model is the largest rice cooker as far as the NS-ZCC series is concerned. It can feed up to 5 or more people because it produces 20 cups of cooked rice, which is quite a significant quantity.

Ease of Use

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Cooking rice using this unit is a cakewalk. One simply has to use the measuring cup provided for measuring the rice, adding it to the cooker and then adding the water in the right ratio, as per the graduation in the inner cooking pan. Then, simply select the preferred texture from the LCD menu and the cooker would work its magic while you relax or take care of other tasks. Thanks to its Neuro Fuzzy Logic technology you can count on it to provide you with rice cooked to perfection, irrespective of its type. No wonder the unit enjoys an overwhelming amount of positive responses to its credit because it is designed to be used for all aspects of casual cooking. What’s more, the NS-ZCC18 is also a low-maintenance and fuss-free product which is the cherry on top of the cake.

Accessories Included

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2 measuring cups (a rinse-free one and a regular one), 1 non-stick rice spoon or scooper, 1 rice spoon holder, recipe book for cakes and a steaming basket.


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1 year limited warranty provided by Zojirushi to the original buyers of the product.


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  • Neuro Fuzzy Logic or MICOM cooking technology
  • Multiple cooking functions for rice
  • 2 warm cycles
  • Large capacity (in case of the 10 cup model)
  • Very versatile, can be used for steaming vegetables, making oatmeal or cereals, chili, soups, desserts and even baby food.
  • Fold down handles of the inner pot that stays cool when transferring it to the table for serving
  • The color LCD panel is very easy to navigate
  • Fuss-free and very easy to maintain
  • Lightweight appliance


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  • The non-stick inner pot is not dishwasher safe
  • Battery can be replaced only by taking it back to the factory; however, DIY solutions to this can be adopted, such as duct-taping the new battery or soldering the same to the circuit board
  • Slightly expensive

Consumer Reviews

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The rice cooker truly deserves a high rating because of the sheer number of cooking functions it offers and also the fact that its Neuro Fuzzy Logic technology enables it to run on ‘auto-pilot’ mode so that you don’t have to fuss over adjusting the settings or worry about getting it right for the perfect rice texture.

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The NS-ZCC18 10 cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker is slightly on the expensive side. However, given the overwhelming amount of positive responses and its high functionality, it is worth the investment for those who are strictly looking for a rice cooker.

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The Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10 cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker is hailed as one of the most phenomenal rice cookers in the market. It is not hard to see why this cooker has achieved this kind of positive response too. Being easy to clean and maintain, the highly functional rice cooker is also very user-friendly and capable of making perfect rice with zero hassles. Also, the unit scores high on the durability and reliability factor. In fact, a lot of loyal consumers have raved that the rice cooker is worth every penny.

Features Overview

FeatureZojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker
Cooking Size 10 cups of uncooked rice in case of the bigger model and 5.5 cups in case of the smaller
Cost EffectiveNot very cost effective
Dishwasher friendlyNo
Steaming CapabilityYes, can be used for steaming vegetables
Unique Feature Neuro Fuzzy or MICOM cooking technology and 2 warm cycles
Item Weight8.16 pounds
Brand Popularity4.5 out of 5
Design/Construction4.6 out of 5
Our Rating4.6 out of 5