Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3 Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3-Cup(Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer ReviewBusy cooks cherish rice cookers because these are wonderful contraptions. They take the hard work out of the dreaded task of cooking rice and make the entire process a lot easier, faster and entirely foolproof. The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom rice cooker and warmer is an ideal device for singles, couples or small families.

Due to its small foot space, it is also highly compatible for really small kitchens where space is of the essence because it does not occupy a lot of space on the countertop. The Korean rice cooker has a stainless steel body with plastic accents in two colors: white and black. Both the variants work really well with the décor of modern kitchens and are a treat for the eyes.

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Key Specifications

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  • Features advanced Micom or Micro computerized technology
  • Has the capacity for cooking 3 cup of raw rice
  • 120 volts or 450 watts power
  • Automatic Keep Warm function
  • 2 Delay timer options
  • Colorful and easy-to-read LCD display with timer function
  • Menu selections has 5 cooking options
  • Comes in two elegant color variants: black and white
  • Listed as a cELTus product
  • Made in China

Cooking Capacity

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The NS-LAC05XA rice cooker and warmer has the capacity of holding 3 cups of uncooked rice, which turns into 6 cups of fluffy and perfect consistency rice when cooked. This amount is sufficient for singles, couples and even small families of up to 4 people with average appetites. In terms of liquids the cooker can hold up to 0.54 liter

Pre-Programmed Cooking Functions

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This Zojirushi cooker and warmer has an extensive menu which covers all types of rice: white, sushi, porridge and brown. It also has a Quick cooking function for cooking leftovers or warming food in a jiffy. In addition to these cooking functions, there is also the Delay Timer and Automatic Keep Warm function which ensures that you get perfect rice at the time of serving. Thus, it doesn’t matter how much time elapses between the moment you finish cooking the rice and the moment you serve it, you can count on the cooker and warmer to provide you with hot rice every time.

Cooking Technology

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Probably the best feature of this Zojirushi rice cooker and warmer is its Micro-Computerized (Micom) Fuzzy Logic cooking technology. This technology makes it possible to cook rice in many different ways. The technology automates the cooking process, which means that the device takes care of everything with little interference from the user. The Micom setting is capable of adjusting itself with the rice in question. Also, the thermal sensor present at the bottom of the inside of the device serves the role of a trigger which controls the cooking process.

The unit also has two Delay Timer options, which definitely works out well for certain users. However, a majority of the users prefer to use just one timer.

Types of Rice Compatible with the Cooker

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One can cook all types of rice with this cooker from white rice to sushi to porridge rice to brown rice. In fact, it can also cook sweet rice, mixed rice and Basmati. Apart from rice, one can also use the versatile cooker for making oats, baked risotto, Mac & Cheese and so on.

Item Dimensions

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9 x 12 * 8 inches
Weight : 7 pounds

Material Type

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The NS-LAC05XA is made out of extremely sturdy and high quality materials, which is what makes it so durable. The cooker has a clear coated stainless steel outer body which resists fingerprints and plastic parts in black or white color to add to the aesthetic appeal.

No. of People You Can Feed Using This Cooker

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It is important to note that this is a small cooker which is suited for small-scale use. It wouldn’t suit larger families because they will have to cook the rice in batches, which can be quite frustrating and arduous. The cooker produces 6 cups of cooked rice, which can feed up to 4 people. As mentioned earlier, it is ideal for individuals living alone, couples and small families having up to 4 members.

Ease of Use

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The Micom technology is already installed in the machine, which makes it a breeze to operate because it will basically do all the work on behalf of the user. Therefore, one doesn’t need to bother with configuring the timing, soaking, preheating, steaming and waiting processes. To use the cooker, simply turn the reactor on/off, put in the rice and water as per the markings in the inner container or the recipe and then adjust the cooking setting from the menu. Then, you can sit back and relax while the cooker and warmer does its thing. Thus, it is no rocket science and anyone can use the device with complete ease.

Accessories Included

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The unit comes with a non-stick spatula, a spatula holder and a measuring rice cup.


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Just like other rice cookers from Zojirushi, this one too comes with the standard 1 year limited warranty.


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  • Micom or micro-computerized Fuzzy Logic technology which allows the cooker to make its own adjustments automatically, hence the users can take their minds off the cooker and use the time for some other purpose instead
  • Perfect for individuals, couples and small families comprising of up to 4 members
  • Very clear and legible colored LED display with a simple control panel interface
  • Extremely user-friendly cooker and warmer
  • Takes up minimal space in the kitchen due to its compact design and small footprint
  • Round/spherical inner pot ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan for consistent results
  • The menu settings can be experimented for making a wide range of recipes including unconventional ones like baked risotto or Mac & Cheese
  • Built-in warmer is immaculate and keeps rice soft and warm until it is served
  • Delay timer with 2 settings comes in handy
  • The cord of this electric rice cooker can be retraced with the push of a button; therefore, there is no need to fuss with wrapping up of the cord or dealing with unnecessary tangling up of the cord
  • The lid of the inner cooking pot is detachable, which makes the clean-up process post cooking super easy


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  • The cooker uses only the measuring cup that comes with it for measurements. Thus, in case it is lost or broken, the investment is practically wasted because the cooker would not work as efficiently since the ratios of the rice to water has to be exact for perfect results
  • A little on the expensive side, which is not worthwhile for people looking for a larger cooker in this price range

Consumer Reviews

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The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA model is worthy of higher end rating because it is capable of producing perfectly cooked rice. In fact, some users have also raved about the rice having a better taste when cooked with this unit. The number of positive reviews says it all about this highly popular machine that does not disappoint at all.

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There is no doubt about the fact that this rice cooker and warmer is definitely on the expensive side of the price spectrum. Considering its price, one might expect a larger cooker but this one is capable of producing only 6 cups of cooked rice. Nevertheless, the price is more or less justified because it does its job immaculately without leaving any scope for complaints.

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If you want a high end rice cooker and warmer that you can count on at all times then this is the one for you. The unit definitely has expansive boundaries because it can be used to cook a variety of other food items that one wouldn’t generally associate with a rice cooker, for instance steel-cut oats, regular oats, risotto, Mac & Cheese, etc. The device is small, compact and highly intelligent, which is why the users can sit back and relax when the device is being used.

Features Overview

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FeatureZojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3 Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer
Cooking Size 3 cups of uncooked rice, which is equivalent to 6 cups of cooked rice
Cost EffectiveNo; very expensive
Dishwasher friendlyNo
Steaming CapabilityNo
Unique Feature Neuro Fuzzy or MICOM cooking technology and 2 Delay Timer settings
Item Weight7 pounds
Brand Popularity4.5 out of 5
Design/Construction4.5 out of 5
Our Rating4.6 out of 5