What Are Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers?

fuzzy logic rice cookerFuzzy logic is basically a kind of technology which allows certain machine or software to do multiple factors or variables at a time. It allows the machine to choose particular mode activity according to existing variables. The term fuzzy logic was first coined some decades ago which referred to math theory.

Computerized Control

The technology of fuzzy logic has been applied to multiple electronic appliances including rice cookers. In rice cookers, the technology offers more cooking control which includes the temperature and timing. It monitors the temperature and also other variables during cooking time. The variables are used to determine when the rice cooker needs to lower or increase the cooking time as well as extending the cooking period.

In general, fuzzy logic rice cookers have four basic stages when cooking rice which is soaking the rice in water, boil, steaming, and then rest the rice. Users can program the rice cooker which then, the program is translated by the machine to decide for how long the rice should be soaked and heated and also when to decrease the temperature after the rice is done. The decision that the machine makes is pretty much imitating the human skill. Besides cooking choices, the machine also has another program such as fast cooking, warming without drying the rice out, cook rice at the right texture which includes tender, hard, sticky, or even moist.

In addition to the cooking program, the fuzzy logic also has the ability to differentiate the rice types. For example, when cooking brown rice, it requires more water and also longer cooking time in order to get the same white rice consistency. The fuzzy logic rice cooker has the consideration in their program; so, it will also give adjustment according to the program set. Users will only need to input the type of the rice and then the machine calculates the weight and the rice’s moisture content. Often times, the rice that you purchase have different moisture content but the machine will adjust the pressure even if you make mistake in giving the water.

The fuzzy logic rice cooker monitors the possible variables and as well as the real-time temperature and pressure during the cooking process. For example, the rice cookers may cook rice quicker on a hot day rather than on a cool day. This is because the machine adjusts the temperature control into its account.

Advantage Of Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

Besides the ability to cook the perfect fluffy rice, fuzzy logic rice cooker has other advantages such as make frittatas, prepare eggs, steam vegetables, cook oatmeal, make soups, and much more. The machine indeed has more cooking option compared to the conventional rice cooker. Due to the “smart brain” of the machine, now anyone can make the fluffy rice even those who have no cooking skill.

The machine will take care of everything and make sure that you get fluffy rice each time. Even though the price may be logically expensive than the traditional one, but with the ability to adjust the temperature and heat to provide great rice; the machine certainly can be a great investment.