The History of Rice Cooker

history of rice cookerRice cooker was first initiated in 1997 in Japan. The first rice cooker was made from wood in a shape of rectangular box with a couple electrodes attached to the across ends. In order to cook the rice, the box should to be filled with clean water and a cup or two rice which has been washed cleanly.The heat inside the main pot will be raised then boil the water and the water will cook the rice. When the rice is in the process of cooking, the rice will absorb the water then to be automatically stay warm state. The water quality should be good to result delicious rice. It also presents a possibility to be electrocuted thus is not suitable for home cooking.

Japanese Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was the first producer of commercial rice cooker in 1945. It is made from aluminum pot attached with a heating coil inside the main pot. unfortunately, the first appliance does not have an automatic turn on and off button so it would require the person to watch it all the time during cooking process so the rice would not be black burnt.

In the initial period of its establishment, electric rice cookers applied the simple idea of simply heating the rice to cook and then turn off the heater when the temperature has risen to a certain point. This old method has disadvantages. First, some people who do not have time for supervising the cooking process will be difficult to leave the rice cooker by itself. Second, the temperature will be influenced by the current seasonal weather in the current place where it is used. The company then continued to make a revised series that is better then the previous model.

In the last month of 1956, Toshiba Corporation released their first commercial rice cooker successfully on the market. It has two chambers not directly rice cooking methods. Rice would be placed into the cooker pot and water it sufficiently. When the water is boiling and rise the heat inside, the rice cooker will be automatically turned off. Toshiba produced for about two hundred thousands rice cookers per month in Japan market place.

China also produced a mass electric rice cookers which is economical with limited functions. They also exported it to the other countries. The features are thermal far infrared radiation to highly improve the quality of cooked rice, handmade with pure carbon, and with a better heat system. Many restaurants that have now been shifted from the use of firewood and charcoal for cooking the rice into a rice cooker to use the rice cooking process faster and efficient.

However, some restaurants today there are still maintaining rice cooking method using charcoal. Rice cooked traditionally would produce tastes better although very long cooking process. Now modern rice cooker has a more advanced technology such as the timer, feature heating vegetables or bread, cook the rice, can automatically adjust the temperature yourself. Its wattage is also lighter so you did not spend a lot of electricity and your home electric bill would be more efficient.