The Features of the Latest Rice Cookers

fuzzy logic rice cookersRice cooker is considered as the most important item especially in some countries in Asia. There are lots of types of rice cookers that come with various shape and colors. The most important aspect that should be considered when buying rice cookers is the features. Below are some features which can be found in the latest rice cookers.

On/off Cooker

The on/off rice cooker will cook the rice and then shuts off automatically. This is a very flexible unit as you do not need to worry about the rice getting overcook. There is only on/off switch on the unit and it will automatically off when the rice is cooked. If you only need rice, the machine is very suitable for you. Since the rice cooker only does basic thing; there is no light or sound indicator and also it does not usually come with non-stick steamer or pan.

Cook And Keep Warm

Some rice cookers also come with a cook and warm features in which the machine will reduce the heat after the rice is cooked. The machine will maintain the rice at a warm temperature, so, whenever you want to eat, you can enjoy warm rice. There are some items that come with a warm timer while some others need to be unplugged to shut it off.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic features is basically an intelligent version of rice cookers. It is a micro computerized feature which allows the machine to regulate temperature and time based on the type of the rice that is being cooked. For example, brown rice requires being cooked at a lower temperature compared to white rice. It definitely has more than just on/off button. The machine also allows you to cook any kinds of rice even the one you never heard off such as germinated brown rice.

Some units can also cook vegetable, polenta, oatmeal, make stew, porridge, and even sushi rice. You can also adjust the rice texture, for example, hard or soft. The best thing about this feature is that the machine can even compensate for measuring errors and still deliver properly cooked rice. The price of rice cookers with this feature may quite expensive compared to the regular one, but if you need more than just cook rice; making the rice cooker as an investment is a good choice.

Computerized Rice Cookers

Computerized feature on rice cookers usually uses timer and sound indicator. You can preset the time when you want the machine to cook and also serve the rice. Some types even come with a count down timer, so, you can calculate when you want to eat it. Also, some type also comes with the built-in clock so you can set the time when you want the rice to be ready. This feature definitely can save lots of time because you do not need to wait for it; the machine gets the rice ready according to your command.

Steamer Trays

Besides cooking rice, some rice cooker types may also allow you to steam vegetables. You can use the steamer basket that hangs above the rice or using a small vegetable tray that sits at the bottom of the machine. You can cook rice and steam vegetable at the same time.