The Best Invention Ever – The Rice Cooker

rice cooker inventionsThe first to discover the technology of  rice cooker is the Japanese in 1997. They found the problem on the cooked rice in the traditional way using charcoal or firewood. Cook rice using firewood spends a very long time and is not efficient.

People have to stir the rice during the cooking process and the people of antiquity had to arrange the kindling in order not to be too little nor the fire is too large. If the rice is not stirred, there will be a hardening of the rice at the bottom and at the top of the rice is not cooked. So it takes very long time just to cook the rice.

Therefore, the invention rice cooker has been a concern to many people there at that time. More and more people were realizing that the rice cooker helps them to save time and cook delicious rice. Rice cooker at the moment has many features that are very helpful as timers, temperature balancing, automatic power, electric power saver. Below will be explained one by one about the features that exist in a rice cooker so that you become convinced that the discovery of rice cooker is a very useful thing:

  • Timer

The rice cooker timer is used to let out the rest of the time it takes to cook the rice and also to set the time to cook soup or rice. For example, you want to cook the rice being in medium smooth level, then you must set the time on a timer so that when the time expires, the rice cooker will stop the cooking. So you can do other works while waiting for the rice to cook.

  • Counterweight Temperature

Balancing the temperature on the rice cooker is used to regulate the temperature inside the rice cooker while cooking process so the temperature is not too hot or too cold and the rice can be cooked to perfection. When compared to traditional cooking process, you should set yourself the fire of firewood. Then if you use a rice cooker, you can just sit quietly alone.

  • Starters Automatic Power

Starters automatic power helpful to stop the cooking process when the rice is cooked. So you do not need to turn off its own power and see cooker, rice continues whether the rice is cooked or not.

  • The Electric Power Saver

Modern rice cooker can save more power than the rice cooker relic. However, when in cooking process, the rice cooker will spend a lot more power than when to warm rice. Therefore, rather than traditional cooking methods, the discovery of rice cooker is very useful to save time and manpower.

In conclusion, rice cooker has many benefits in helping people. So you do not have the energy to cook rice just spend thirty minutes if using a rice cooker. If you cook a little amount of rice, a rice cooker can cook it for ten to fifteen minutes. However if it is a bit much, then the rice cooker can spend more time.