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Cleaning Rice Cookers – Are Rice Cookers Hard to Clean?

Modern Rice CookerHaving all electronic appliances oblige you to clean them regularly in order to keep it works well. Rice cooker is one of common household appliances. Most of people purchase rice cooker to make them easier in cooking rice. Below will be explained how to clean your rice cooker in a proper ways. It is better for you to clean the rice cooker once a month.

  • Cool it down

If you just used your rice cooker to cook rice, you have to cool the rice cooker down before begin the cleaning process. It has be done to avoid electricity danger. First, unplug the cable and let it sit for about a half to an hour.… Read More

The Best Invention Ever – The Rice Cooker

rice cooker inventionsThe first to discover the technology of  rice cooker is the Japanese in 1997. They found the problem on the cooked rice in the traditional way using charcoal or firewood. Cook rice using firewood spends a very long time and is not efficient.

People have to stir the rice during the cooking process and the people of antiquity had to arrange the kindling in order not to be too little nor the fire is too large. If the rice is not stirred, there will be a hardening of the rice at the bottom and at the top of the rice is not cooked. So it takes very long time just to cook the rice.… Read More

Best Tips to Use a Rice Cooker

Best Tips to Use a Rice CookerRice cooker basically is a machine to cook rice. However, with the latest technology, the rice cooker can do more than just cooking rice. There are numbers of dishes that you can make using only with rice cooker which certainly easier. Here are best tips to use a rice cooker other than cooking rice.

Rice – the most basic and common function of the rice cooker is cooking rice. This is the simplest effort to get great rice rather than cooking on the stove. There is even latest rice cooker with sophisticated technology which can produce fluffy rice of any kinds. In general, when cooking rice you will need to use the ratio of 2:1 between water and rice.… Read More

5 Reasons to Own Modern Rice Cooker

Modern Rice CookerRice cooker may be one important kitchen appliances that every family has especially if you like to eat rice. You may think that rice cooker is only designed to cook rice; however, the modern rice cooker with the fuzzy logic technology can do more than just cooking rice. If you are considering to buy a modern rice cooker, below are the 5 reasons to own the machine.

High Quality Of rice

Modern rice cookers use smart technology which is called fuzzy logic to provide a better quality of rice. If the conventional rice cooker will directly cook the rice once it is turned on; the modern rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology includes the process of soaking the rice before starting the cooking time.… Read More

Rice Cooker Features

Rice Cooker FeaturesFirst of all, you have to consider that rice cooker comes with a couple of sizes and shapes that you have to choose. It is well recommended for you to choose one which suitable for your lifestyle. For those of you who do not have a couple, it is better for you to choose the smaller one. You do not have to purchase the large one for the family. But for those of you who have a big family and want to hold some parties, it is for sure you have to choose the big one.

Picking the Best Pot

There is a couple of cooking pot that is available out there.… Read More

Tips on Choosing Rice Cooker

Tips on Choosing Rice CookerSometimes, a rice cooker that has too many features makes us confused in choosing the right rice cooker. A good rice cooker is a rice cooker that meets our needs. In addition, when it has a lot of facilities, it does not mean that it is suitable for us and if we never use it, it will be pointless and we just waste our money. Therefore, you have to consider several things before you really buy rice cooker or you can read the following tips so that you can choose the suitable rice cooker according to your wishes.


The first thing you have to consider is to choose based on the size.… Read More

Advantages of a Small Rice Cooker

small rice cookerIf you belong to a busy person, of course, you will not have time to cook rice traditionally. Usually, those who are too busy will prefer to buy foods to eat in a food court rather than cooking for themselves, especially if they do not have a family or live alone. In fact, if it is calculated economically, buying rice or food in a stall can actually increase your spending. To overcome this issue, there is the best solution for you is by cooking the rice cooker using a small rice cooker. Small Rice cooker is one of the electronic appliances that is suitable for cooking rice for those who are super busy and live alone.… Read More

Should You Buy a Rice Cooker?

Buy a Rice CookerAnyone must be familiar with rice cookers that are commonly used to cook rice using power or electricity. Most of the people who live in the city must have rice cookers in their kitchen. The rice cooker has become a primary need for them because it has a lot of benefits and really helpful and efficient.

Perhaps, you do not use a rice cooker when cooking the rice and you need to know why you should buy a rice cooker. There are several things that you have to know why rice cooker is really important.

Cooking Rice Faster

There are so many rice cooker brands that you can choose when you are about to buy one.… Read More

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker Review

zojirushi-ns-zcc18-10-cup-neuro-fuzzy-rice-cooker-reviewA lot of individuals detest the task of cooking rice because it is difficult to get the perfect consistency or texture. The rice usually turns out chewy or hard in the middle or they get too soggy even after cooking it for the allotted time. To make things easier, one can turn to a micro-computerized rice cooker like the Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 to get perfect results every time. The 10-cup model of this Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker is the ideal choice for larger families whereas the 5.5 cup model is better suited for small to medium sized families.

The Zojirushi Corporation is a Japanese MNC that specializes in offering appliances and devices for day-to-day functions.… Read More

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3 Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom 3-Cup(Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer ReviewBusy cooks cherish rice cookers because these are wonderful contraptions. They take the hard work out of the dreaded task of cooking rice and make the entire process a lot easier, faster and entirely foolproof. The Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA Micom rice cooker and warmer is an ideal device for singles, couples or small families.

Due to its small foot space, it is also highly compatible for really small kitchens where space is of the essence because it does not occupy a lot of space on the countertop. The Korean rice cooker has a stainless steel body with plastic accents in two colors: white and black. Both the variants work really well with the décor of modern kitchens and are a treat for the eyes.… Read More