Rice Cookers Versus Stove Pots – Who Earns the Advantage

Best Tips to Use a Rice CookerRice cooker and stove pots basically have a different purpose of cooking. They are also different in cooking method, feature, and appliance model. Cook white rice using a stove pot may be run smoothly and successfully but it is different is if you are going to cook other types of rice such as brown rice, yellow rice, or rice for sushi. Not all types of rice can be cooked using the stove pot. The methods used are also different.

The following are the fundamental differences between the stove and the pot rice cooker:

1) Features

A rice cooker features an automatic timer, automatic temperature lowering and temperature control to warm or cook food. For example if you want to do other homework while waiting for the rice overcooked, you do not need to look constantly until the rice is cooked because the life of their automated features that will lay the rice cooker when the rice is cooked. Whereas in pot stove fueled the fire in the stove will require you to continue to look at the stove to make sure the temperature of the stove is not too high or low. A temperature that does not comply will result in the rice will not perfectly ripe or overripe and charred.

2) Balancing Feature

A rice cooker also has a balancing feature hot and the water in the pot. so if you enter a lot of water and a little rice, a rice cooker will make the rice a bit mushy and into mush. but if the amount of water less than the amount of rice, the rice will become drier and not too fluffy. while the stove pot does not have those features. stove pot should be set manually by means of shrink and enlarge the fire stove. in addition you should also always stirred his rice in the pot to prevent burning at the bottom. but if you use a rice cooker, you can leave it some time to work on other jobs. when the rice is ripe, it will sound a timer rice cookers and rice cooked a delicious ready to eat. cooking rice will only be concentrated more hassle by using stove pot.

3) Easier Clean up And Energy Efficient

More pot stove takes up a lot of energy fuel for stove pot using gas fuel. So, if you cook the rice in half an hour, so the more fuel you have to invest. It is different if you use a rice cooker that uses electricity to turn it on. If using a stove pot to cook rice which you can spend half an hour, then you only need 15 minutes to cook rice using the rice cooker. So those are 3 very good reasons to consider a rice cooker over a normal stove pot for folks who consume rice daily and for those who want more than a rice making kitchen tool. Have a good cooking time.