Rice Cookers and Steamers

steamerNowadays, you can find so many modern kitchen appliances that can be used to help you cook your food. By using some of those kitchen appliances, your cooking process will be fun and easy. There are two kinds of modern kitchen appliances that you can buy in the market, they are rice cooker and steamer. Rice cooker and steamer are two different kitchen appliances that have different function either. Now, we will talk about the use of rice cooker and steamer that can help you cook some rice and other foods.

A rice cooker and steamer actually have a similar function in which the rice cooker is designed to cook some rice and then the steamer is used to steam some other foods such as vegetables, cakes, soup, and much more. Though the rice cooker is only used for cooking the rice, some of the users also use it to steam some food when they do not have a special steamer. The rice cooker can also be used to steam some soup or other food while you are cooking the rice. In this case, you only need to put a container of the rice and just set the rice cooker into warmer.

Suppose you have some budget to buy a special steamer, you can buy one. There are some steamers that you can choose. This steamer has a different shape in which it has several transparent containers. Each container can be used to steam some foods or another thing such as vegetables, soup, cake, and anything that you want to steam, you can put it inside. This steamer is suitable for those who want to make the food always warm so that it will be always delicious. However, this steamer cannot be used to cook rice, but you can only use it to warm the rice. If you want to cook some rice, then you have to use a rice cooker that has a function for steaming either.

So, do you need to have both of these kitchen appliances? In some cases, you only need to buy a rice cooker that you can be used for cooking rice as well as steaming other food. However, if the rice cooker is too small and you cannot steam other foods, then you are recommended to buy a special steamer. This is really suitable for those who like to steam some foods in large quantity. However, if you just want to steam a little soup, then you can use your rice cooker so you do not need to buy a steam anymore.

In summary, using a rice cooker to steam some foods can be a good idea because the rice cooker also has a function for steaming. But, if you do really want to steam so many foods, then you must buy a special steamer which has several containers. The rice cooker can be used as a steamer, but the steamer can only be used for steaming, not for cooking rice. So, you have to think about it before you buy a steamer and a rice cooker.