How Rice Cooker Works?

How Rice Cooker WorksRice cooker is always applied by using electricity which is almost the same as slow cooker or crock-pot. An outer container which has been insulated is featured with controls, thermal sensors, and a heating device. Basin or pot which can be removed which is supported with enamel coating or non-stick coating fits inside the container. A couple of rice cookers have removable covers, while some others come with a lid which has been attached to the outer of the container.

Rice Cooker Functioning

Once water and rice are measures into the basin, and then the basin will be put into the container. After the container is closed, by flipping a switch, the heating element will be turned on. The container comes with the heating device which starts to heat up the water in the pot to its maximum stage. The water which has been boiled will be absorbed by the rice. Meanwhile, the lid or cover will control the steam so it is not escaped.

Under the conditions of normal heating, heat cannot be pasted by water boiling point which is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It will convert the water to steam if any hotter than that. Meanwhile, if you find in the pot there is liquid water, the heat will be absorbed by the water from the heating mechanism, in this case, not the rice. The pot will not get hotter than 212 degrees, as the water cannot reach any hotter than 212 degrees. This will be monitored by the thermal sensors.

After all of the water has been absorbed, the rice will reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit of heated past which will lead to burnt or overdone rice. After the pot has been detected by the thermal sensors of rice cookers more than 212 degrees, the water will all be absorbed. On the other hand, the rice is ready to eat. If you want to avoid cooking the rice any further, the shut-off switch will be automatically tripped by the sensor for the heating mechanism. The cooking will be immediately stopped.

A couple of rice cookers come with a couple of features such as warming setting. By using this setting, the heating will be turned to a much lower setting instead of shutting off the rice cooker as soon as the pot has been detected by the thermal sensors more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the perfect temperature in order to cook the rice further, but this temperature is warm enough in order to avoid any bacteria that will be grown in the rice. By using this setting, the rice will be kept warm for a couple of hours once the cooking time is finished. If you do not use the warming setting, the rice will not have remained in a rice cooker for more than a half an hour. After you read this article, you will know how to use the rice cooker properly. Besides that, you also have to consider about the temperature when it comes for you to cook rice.

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