How A Small Rice Cooker Operates

Small rice cooker with scoopRice cooker was first discovered by Yoshitada Minami. In 1937, the Japanese army began to run the device working principle of the electric-powered rice cookers. Initially, the rice cooker used consisted of wood container leak-proof and metal plate electrically powered. The metal plates had a function to heat wood container which was already filled with rice and water in it. The wood container that was heated by the metal makesthe rice cooked. At that time, the process of turning the rice into the cooked rice took a very long because the wooden container used had not been fitted cover yet. As a result, the heat generated from the boiling water in the container was wasted into free air.

Now, the world has changed and the principle of small rice cooker gets better. You can find so many modern rice cookers that are available in the market. Those small rice cookers have the better functions that can cook rice faster. Thus, you must wonder how exactly this small rice cooker works so it can make the rice cooked faster and delicious.

Working Principle of Small Rice Cooker

At the time of cooking the rice, the switch will be connected to the main heating element, the electric current will go directly to the main elements and the light of the rice cooker will turn on. When the heater temperature reaches a maximum and the rice is cooked, the thermostat trip (automatic magnet) immediately moves the lever so that the switch position changes to supply power to rice warming element through the thermostat.

At warmer position when the temperature thermostat has a maximum, the power flow leading to the warming element will be disconnected automatically, as well as the temperature on the thermostat automatically decreases the flow toward the warming element will be reconnected automatically, this process will take place continually.

Take Care of Your Small Rice Cooker

The treatment for the rice cooker is relatively easy. The treatment is done on the physical, electrical and a little mechanical parts. Here are some tips on how to care for a small rice cooker:

  • To prevent the rice so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan, stirring frequently during the cooking.
  • Select a rice cooker with a pan that has the even power-efficient heat strength as it will affect the quality of the rice produced.
  • Immediately turn off / unplug the power supply if the rice is low, so you can save electricity.
  • Wait until the rice cooker is cool to remove the pan it, and pour the water to soak the remnants of rice that are still attached. Then, leave until the remnants removed.
  • Wash the pan with a soft sponge that does not scratch the coating pan.
  • Rinse with warm water after washing to lift the bacteria in rice cooker pot after use.
  • Make sure there is no residual soap left behind during the washing process so that cooked rice will not smell of soap.
  • Immediately dry the pan after you wash it.
  • Do not forget to clean the outer part of the pan with a soft cloth.