Cleaning Rice Cookers – Are Rice Cookers Hard to Clean?

Modern Rice CookerHaving all electronic appliances oblige you to clean them regularly in order to keep it works well. Rice cooker is one of common household appliances. Most of people purchase rice cooker to make them easier in cooking rice. Below will be explained how to clean your rice cooker in a proper ways. It is better for you to clean the rice cooker once a month.

  • Cool it down

If you just used your rice cooker to cook rice, you have to cool the rice cooker down before begin the cleaning process. It has be done to avoid electricity danger. First, unplug the cable and let it sit for about a half to an hour. You can touch the rice cooker body to feel whether it has been cool or not. The length cooling time is vary depends on the size, model, and manufacturer of your rice cooker. So you should see the guide book to find out about the detail product information before cleaning.

  • Clean from burnt rice

Another thing you should bear in mind is the rest burnt rice after using that there in the pot. you need to clean residual traces up using running water. If it is hard, you can use cleaning sponge which has a rough surface then rub it on the surface of the pot so that the remnants of rice lifted and be clean. However, do not rub too hard so the rice cooker is not scratched and become ugly. Use soft washcloth to dry it after cleaning.

  • Clean the lid and main pot

Lid and main pot are the main part of a rice cooker. These components should always be cleaned just after cooking rice. To clean them properly, use dish washing soap and smooth washcloth so it will not break the main pot and the lid. In order to prevent mildew growth, let your rice cooker to be air dried before put it in the drawer.

  • Clean regularly after use

Just after you used the rice cooker, you should clean all the rice first, it is important to clean it with thorough washing. Normally, rice cooker produces dampness on the main pot surface which, if it is not well washed until clean, will creates a formation of mildew.

You may have your own way to clean the rice cooker but note only that when you are cleaning the rice cooker, it should not be currently connected to the electricity. If not, you could be electrocuted and also use special cleaning liquid for cookware. A rice cooker also has a small water reservoir at the back which is used to accommodate the rest of the process water to cook rice. You should also regularly clean it so yellowing residual water does not grow into mold and would make the quality of the rice you are cooking. If rice cooker is always clean, the rice you eat is high quality.