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Rice Cookers and Steamers

steamerNowadays, you can find so many modern kitchen appliances that can be used to help you cook your food. By using some of those kitchen appliances, your cooking process will be fun and easy. There are two kinds of modern kitchen appliances that you can buy in the market, they are rice cooker and steamer. Rice cooker and steamer are two different kitchen appliances that have different function either. Now, we will talk about the use of rice cooker and steamer that can help you cook some rice and other foods.

A rice cooker and steamer actually have a similar function in which the rice cooker is designed to cook some rice and then the steamer is used to steam some other foods such as vegetables, cakes, soup, and much more.… Read More

How A Small Rice Cooker Operates

Small rice cooker with scoopRice cooker was first discovered by Yoshitada Minami. In 1937, the Japanese army began to run the device working principle of the electric-powered rice cookers. Initially, the rice cooker used consisted of wood container leak-proof and metal plate electrically powered. The metal plates had a function to heat wood container which was already filled with rice and water in it. The wood container that was heated by the metal makesthe rice cooked. At that time, the process of turning the rice into the cooked rice took a very long because the wooden container used had not been fitted cover yet. As a result, the heat generated from the boiling water in the container was wasted into free air.… Read More

The History of Rice Cooker

history of rice cookerRice cooker was first initiated in 1997 in Japan. The first rice cooker was made from wood in a shape of rectangular box with a couple electrodes attached to the across ends. In order to cook the rice, the box should to be filled with clean water and a cup or two rice which has been washed cleanly.The heat inside the main pot will be raised then boil the water and the water will cook the rice. When the rice is in the process of cooking, the rice will absorb the water then to be automatically stay warm state. The water quality should be good to result delicious rice. It also presents a possibility to be electrocuted thus is not suitable for home cooking.… Read More

Cleaning Rice Cookers – Are Rice Cookers Hard to Clean?

Modern Rice CookerHaving all electronic appliances oblige you to clean them regularly in order to keep it works well. Rice cooker is one of common household appliances. Most of people purchase rice cooker to make them easier in cooking rice. Below will be explained how to clean your rice cooker in a proper ways. It is better for you to clean the rice cooker once a month.

  • Cool it down

If you just used your rice cooker to cook rice, you have to cool the rice cooker down before begin the cleaning process. It has be done to avoid electricity danger. First, unplug the cable and let it sit for about a half to an hour.… Read More

Rice Cookers Versus Stove Pots – Who Earns the Advantage

Best Tips to Use a Rice CookerRice cooker and stove pots basically have a different purpose of cooking. They are also different in cooking method, feature, and appliance model. Cook white rice using a stove pot may be run smoothly and successfully but it is different is if you are going to cook other types of rice such as brown rice, yellow rice, or rice for sushi. Not all types of rice can be cooked using the stove pot. The methods used are also different.

The following are the fundamental differences between the stove and the pot rice cooker:

1) Features

A rice cooker features an automatic timer, automatic temperature lowering and temperature control to warm or cook food.… Read More

The Best Invention Ever – The Rice Cooker

rice cooker inventionsThe first to discover the technology of  rice cooker is the Japanese in 1997. They found the problem on the cooked rice in the traditional way using charcoal or firewood. Cook rice using firewood spends a very long time and is not efficient.

People have to stir the rice during the cooking process and the people of antiquity had to arrange the kindling in order not to be too little nor the fire is too large. If the rice is not stirred, there will be a hardening of the rice at the bottom and at the top of the rice is not cooked. So it takes very long time just to cook the rice.… Read More

Best Tips to Use a Rice Cooker

Best Tips to Use a Rice CookerRice cooker basically is a machine to cook rice. However, with the latest technology, the rice cooker can do more than just cooking rice. There are numbers of dishes that you can make using only with rice cooker which certainly easier. Here are best tips to use a rice cooker other than cooking rice.

Rice – the most basic and common function of the rice cooker is cooking rice. This is the simplest effort to get great rice rather than cooking on the stove. There is even latest rice cooker with sophisticated technology which can produce fluffy rice of any kinds. In general, when cooking rice you will need to use the ratio of 2:1 between water and rice.… Read More

5 Reasons to Own Modern Rice Cooker

Modern Rice CookerRice cooker may be one important kitchen appliances that every family has especially if you like to eat rice. You may think that rice cooker is only designed to cook rice; however, the modern rice cooker with the fuzzy logic technology can do more than just cooking rice. If you are considering to buy a modern rice cooker, below are the 5 reasons to own the machine.

High Quality Of rice

Modern rice cookers use smart technology which is called fuzzy logic to provide a better quality of rice. If the conventional rice cooker will directly cook the rice once it is turned on; the modern rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology includes the process of soaking the rice before starting the cooking time.… Read More

What Are Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers?

fuzzy logic rice cookerFuzzy logic is basically a kind of technology which allows certain machine or software to do multiple factors or variables at a time. It allows the machine to choose particular mode activity according to existing variables. The term fuzzy logic was first coined some decades ago which referred to math theory.

Computerized Control

The technology of fuzzy logic has been applied to multiple electronic appliances including rice cookers. In rice cookers, the technology offers more cooking control which includes the temperature and timing. It monitors the temperature and also other variables during cooking time. The variables are used to determine when the rice cooker needs to lower or increase the cooking time as well as extending the cooking period.… Read More

The Features of the Latest Rice Cookers

fuzzy logic rice cookersRice cooker is considered as the most important item especially in some countries in Asia. There are lots of types of rice cookers that come with various shape and colors. The most important aspect that should be considered when buying rice cookers is the features. Below are some features which can be found in the latest rice cookers.

On/off Cooker

The on/off rice cooker will cook the rice and then shuts off automatically. This is a very flexible unit as you do not need to worry about the rice getting overcook. There is only on/off switch on the unit and it will automatically off when the rice is cooked. If you only need rice, the machine is very suitable for you.… Read More