Best Tips to Use a Rice Cooker

Best Tips to Use a Rice CookerRice cooker basically is a machine to cook rice. However, with the latest technology, the rice cooker can do more than just cooking rice. There are numbers of dishes that you can make using only with rice cooker which certainly easier. Here are best tips to use a rice cooker other than cooking rice.

Rice – the most basic and common function of the rice cooker is cooking rice. This is the simplest effort to get great rice rather than cooking on the stove. There is even latest rice cooker with sophisticated technology which can produce fluffy rice of any kinds. In general, when cooking rice you will need to use the ratio of 2:1 between water and rice. Once you put the rice and water in the bowl, press the on button and the machine will cook the rice. Some units may automatically turn to warm, while some other with automatically shut off when it is done.

Quinoa – if you like eating quinoa, there is nothing easier than cooking it with a rice cooker. Similar to cooking rice, you just need to rinse off the quinoa, add it to the bowl and pour some water. Do not forget to press the cook button and you are done. The quinoa will be ready when the rice cooker is turned into warm. The step is as simple as cooking rice.

Meat – you may do not believe if rice cooker can also be used to cook meat and poultry as well. The step is just simple; you need to add in the ingredients on to the bowl such as pork roast, curry, onion, soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, chili sauce, and anything you like. Then press the cooking button like when you cook rice. After the machine is done cooking and change into warming; leave the meat for an hour before serving. You can cook just about any meat and even a whole chicken as well.

Soups – warm soup or stew on a chilly day is just perfect. And you can make it with simple step using a rice cooker. Basically, there is no precise rule on how you make soup or stew with rice cooker; you will just need to throw the ingredients onto the bowl and then press the cook button.

If the soup seems like in the right consistency, turn the machine to warm but, you can add some more water and keep on cooking if it is still under cooked. You can also add in the ingredients according to the texture for example dried beans first and chicken or meat later to avoid overcook. You just need to make sure not to put too much water or the soups will overflow.

Breakfast foods – breakfast food such as oatmeal and hot cereals can also be made in a rice cooker. Different from cooking rice, you will need to soak the oatmeal on the rice cooker for overnight and then cook it in the morning for hot oatmeal. The best thing about making oatmeal on rice cooker is you can cook smaller portion without worrying it gets crusting; thanks to the non-stick bowl.