5 Reasons to Own Modern Rice Cooker

Modern Rice CookerRice cooker may be one important kitchen appliances that every family has especially if you like to eat rice. You may think that rice cooker is only designed to cook rice; however, the modern rice cooker with the fuzzy logic technology can do more than just cooking rice. If you are considering to buy a modern rice cooker, below are the 5 reasons to own the machine.

High Quality Of rice

Modern rice cookers use smart technology which is called fuzzy logic to provide a better quality of rice. If the conventional rice cooker will directly cook the rice once it is turned on; the modern rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology includes the process of soaking the rice before starting the cooking time.

The machine has the ability to monitor the cooking process as well as make adjustment to the temperature and also water level while cooking the rice. Since the process includes soaking the rice, the machine requires longer cooking time compared to the conventional one. But, the modern rice cooker provides a high quality of rice which rich in flavor and also perfect texture.

Various Rice Setting

Rice cooker these days can do more than just cooking rice. Even though the basic function of the rice cooker is cooking rice, but there are some units that come with various rice settings that can be selected. The machine can be programmed for how long you want to soak the rice and when to start cooking the rice.

In addition, if the traditional rice cooker can only cook white and brown rice while the modern rice cooker has the selection to cook mixed rice, risotto, porridge, and even sushi rice. Each setting produces high-quality rice and also the unit come with timer and temperature setting.

Food Steaming Benefits

Modern rice cooker nowadays also comes with steaming rack which can be used for multiple purposes such as steamed poultry, vegetable, and also seafood. This extra feature certainly pleases the customers since it is very convenient and also affordable. Some units may allow consumers to make porridge, soups, slow-cooked meals, and also pudding. Most of the modern rice cooker which has steaming feature usually is not designed to simultaneously steam and cook.

Promotes Healthier Diet

Most of us may tend to conduct unhealthy eating plan because lacking the time to cook. But, using a modern rice cooker, you can program the machine for when you want to eat the rice. You can start eating healthy such as ditching unhealthy cheeseburger to healthy brown rice. The machine indeed promotes healthier diet but still providing tasty and high-quality rice.

Energy Efficient

Fuzzy logic rice cooker offers the benefits which are definitely a great way to save the energy. Customers can cook multiple dishes aside from rice such as soups, stews, steam vegetable, and much more. The dishes can be made without additional pans or pots and just use the steam rack. In addition, the non-stick bowls that come up with most modern rice cooker also provide easier cleaning which certainly saves dishwasher energy.